J & AW Sully chartered accountants, Clevedon North Somerset. Professional business accounts.
J & AW Sully chartered accountants, Clevedon North Somerset. Accountant for all end-of-year accounts, book keeping, payroll, VAT, tax and general accounting services.

About JAW Sully Accountants Clevedon
J and AW Sully Accountants was established in 1983 by Simon Allan - Chartered Accountant - with the aim to provide reasonably priced accountancy services to the local community in Clevedon North Somerset.

JAW Sully Accountants Sitemap
JAW Sully Accountants Sitemap

Client Comments About JAW Sully Accountants Clevedon
Client Comments About JAW Sully Accountants Clevedon

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JAW Sully Accountants Clevedon Client Service Philosophy
First class client service Every client is unique and deserves a unique service. Our philosophy is to put our clients first - to understand their situation and provide a first class service tailored to their specific needs.

JAW Sully Accountants Clevedon - Book-Keeping
We can relieve you and your staff of an enormous burden by taking care of all your bookkeeping and accounting needs, including the preparation of your annual accounts.

JAW Sully Accountants Clevedon - Payroll
Administering your payroll can be time consuming and burdensome, diverting energy and resources from the core activities of your business. And the task is made all the more difficult by the growing complexity of taxation and employment legislation and the accompanying regime of penalties for non-compliance.

JAW Sully Accountants Clevedon - Accounts Preparation
Our accounting service can help advise your business on how to meet with its statutory accounting obligations and assist with the preparation of your annual financial statements.

JAW Sully Accountants Clevedon - Sole Trader & Partnerships Accountants
We can prepare accounts for all types of business. Besides helping you meet the statutory requirements, we also take the opportunity to conduct a review of your financial and management systems and are able to advise accordingly.

JAW Sully Accountants Clevedon - Limited Company Accountants
The majority of limited companies dont have sufficient in-house competence to produce accounts that meet the requirements of Companies House.

JAW Sully Accountants Clevedon - Tax
We assist clients in the usual preparation of annual tax computations, personal and business as you would expect, but pride ourselves on providing clear and constructive advice on all aspects of corporate and personal tax planning including forward tax planning and succession planning.

JAW Sully Accountants Clevedon - Self Assessment
The term self assessment is proving to be one of the great misnomers of all time. Many taxpayers struggle to understand the complex tax returns and complete them correctly. In the first year of the regime alone, 775,000 taxpayers received £100 penalties for failing to submit their returns on time, and some 400,000 incurred further penalties because their returns were still outstanding six months later!

JAW Sully Accountants Clevedon - Corporate Tax
Corporation tax represents a substantial part of your trading costs. Moreover, the increased reporting obligations, robust investigation policies on the part of the tax authorities, and harsher penalties for non-compliance mean that an undue amount of your time and resources can be taken up collecting revenue for the Government.

JAW Sully Accountants Clevedon - Capital Gains Tax
Capital Gains Tax has seen a number of changes over the last couple of years with a regime now where the calculation of the gain is different for corporate entities and individuals. Furthermore, the individualís gain depends on whether the asset disposed of qualifies as a business asset or a non-business asset. This has a significant influence in the amount of gain chargeable especially if held for only a few years.

JAW Sully Accountants Clevedon - VAT
Value added tax is one of the most complex and onerous tax regimes imposed on business - so complex that many businesses inadvertently overpay or underpay VAT. The ever widening scope of VAT, the constant stream of detailed changes to the regulations, and the ever growing demands of Customs and Excise call for a trained professional eye to ensure that you do not fall foul of the regulations and do not pay the Exchequer more than you need to!

JAW Sully Accountants Clevedon - Personal Tax Planning
With the tax regime becoming more complex and more emphasis being put on taxpayers individual responsibilities, everyone who is subject to taxation needs professional advice and support if they are to optimise their tax position and ensure they meet all the compliance requirements.

JAW Sully Accountants Clevedon - Inheritance Tax & Estate Planning
Few of us like to think about dying, but equally few of us could live with the thought that we have not made adequate provision for family and friends who survive us. The legislation that governs passing on your estate to your chosen beneficiaries requires you to plan well in advance. Since none of us knows when we shall die, this means making the necessary provisions now.

JAW Sully Accountants Clevedon - Management Support
For businesses of all sizes it is important to measure the performance of the business and to be able to receive management information on a timely basis and to be able to understand and use it to the advantage of the business.

JAW Sully Accountants Clevedon - Management Accounts & Budget Reports
Many businesses find it useful to prepare management accounts on a regular basis, either monthly or quarterly, in order to review the performance of the business, especially where budgets are set at the beginning of the year. Other businesses need to produce monthly figures as part of a banking or lending covenant and to report on a timely basis to the third party.

JAW Sully Accountants Clevedon - Business Plans & Cashflow Analysis
There are various reasons as to why a business might need to prepare a business plan or cashflow forecast, but none more important than to focus the owners and exactly why they are in business and what they are trying to achieve.